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Since 1999, NANA MOHR PR has provided personalized public relations, media relations and brand-building services to a range of distinguished fashion, jewelry, accessories and lifestyle brands. In our world, meaningful connections—from readers and consumers to communities and companies—are the very foundation of all that we do. Having recognized long ago that brand awareness extends far beyond just PR, NANA MOHR PR came together to address the expanding and changing needs of modern brands - and deliver unparalleled, customized services with a strongly distinctive element.

Nana Mohr PR


Craftsmanship, quality, uniqueness, reliability – we share a common sense for these values with our clients. As a Boutique agency for public relations and communication services it is our goal to pro-actively create the corporate and product communication of companies and brands on a long-term consistent basis. The heritage and Savoir-faire of our clients are reflected in our daily work which unifies dedication, authenticity and attention to detail.

Our structure and services clearly reflect an inhouse PR department approach. Everyone on the team fully identifies with each of our clients' heritage and products, with the aim of supporting their reputation in print and online media as well as digital influencers.